Monday, November 16, 2009

The weekend of weekends...

It’s that time of the year again for the most of us. We’ve toiled for months now. Bucket loads of sweat, aching muscles and various shades of blue black bruises we’ve endured. Backmen vocal chords strained, snake players flown through the air effortlessly and inserts have dodged 270+ feet per second pallets. Techniques perfected, teams gelled and tactics devised practiced over and over again, all for this 1 weekend. This is the weekend of weekends. This weekend is the World Cup Asia ’09.

This year we would see the most numbers of participating teams from 16 nations all over the world. 10 teams are from Sabah alone. Of the 10, 3 are new for the WCA. This year, due to economy uncertainty, we would see new changes to the rules; 15 ball per second on semi automatic. Whether this would affect the teams playing style remains to be seen.

The field layout this year I’ve been told, is similar to a Millennium Series layout, and would seem to be a fast playing field. Personally I find it to be a field of 2 sides, where a game could be won or lost by just a single side. And as quickly you’ve conquered it, you could easily be taken out from the other side. We could see a team with strong control of both sides come out victorious. I could be wrong.

The new scheduling this year would also see teams have more time to go around the vendors tents. Some of us might even get the chance to try the new ’09 merchandises! Dye, personally I’m hoping that they’ll do the NT Experience at this WCA. And maybe catch a glimpse of Ollie and the gang. Hopefully Maximus Lundqvist sticks around for this weekend too J

Whatever it is, it will all happen this weekend. The only thing I’m not hoping to see this weekend is the weather we’ve been having here.

However to teams and players who could not make it to this year’s WCA, my heart goes out to you. Your hopes and effort is not all lost in vain. I will do my best for you, my brothers. And to all the team participating, all the best of luck. See you at the 50, hopefully on my end of the barrel J